Xiamen Takam Machinery Co., Ltd361100About UsTongji North Street No260, Tong'an District, Xiamen, China 361100TAKAM group(TAKAM)is Taiwanese-Owned enterprise with three global production bases, located in California, USA & Taichung, Taiwan & Xiamen, China. Xiamen Takam Machinery Co. Ltd was founded in 1989, located in Xiamen City, China's special economic zone covers an area of 35,000 square meters, engaged in CNC high-tech series product development, research, manufacturing, and sales. Throughout many years of experience, TAKAM has become an international high-end CNC machines’ brand, and widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, precision mold making and mechanical parts processing, and many other types of industries in t

TMC-4015 Customize Double Column Machining Center
TMC-4015 Customize Double Column Machining Center

TMC-4015 Customize Double Column Machining Center

Model NO.

The TAKAM TMC-Series CNC Double Column Machining Center is designed with high rigidity, with reliable precision, the components design with module standard, it is highly interchangeable and stable quality. Also, for the smaller size machine under four meter we use only direct type spindle BT50 6000RPM to ensure the precision of the machining for heavy duty load

1. Variety Type of Spindle

1.Belt type spindle(standard)
The belt type convey can reach better combination of torque and speed. 2.ZF Gear box(Medium device) timing Belt Pulley+ZF two speed gear box(1:1&1:4 two speed transformation)covey to complete the low speed high torque and high speed high power)
3.Two stage gear box spindle complete gear box provide heavy cutting ability,the torque go up 3 times.

2.Two stage gear box (Options)

The two stage gear box use the high precision import gear,perform well conveyed efficiency,low operated noise and heavily loaded cutting rigidity.Two stage gear head can switch in the high and low speed to bring two different kinds of effect.High speed have rotate rate of high speed machine.Low speed have the cutting torque of low speed gear machine.

3.Roller straight guideway

TMC Series adopt roller straight guideway which design for completing supper high rigidity and supper load ability.45 degree touch angle design let the complete straight guideway reaches 4 directions supper rigidity and supper load characteristics.It can improve the maching precision,to reach high rigidity.And the life of guideway can be lengthened for the supper load characteristics.

4.Controller system

The machine Takam designs can be compatible of many different kind brand controller system.We understand that it is a trouble thing for our customer to learn a new system.Therefore we offer below controller system to meet with our customer's requirement (Siemens,Heidenhain,Mitsubishi,Fanuc)

Work table size (mm)4,200*2,250
Machining area (mm)4,000*2,700
T Slot (mm)200*11*28
Max Load on Worktable (kg/m)16,000
X/Y/Z Axis travel (mm)4,000*2,700*1,000
Spindle nose to work table surface (mm)150-1,150
Door Width (mm)2,700
Spindle taper BT50
Spindle RPM (rpm)6,000
Spindle delivery type Belt
Spindle motor (kw/hp)22/26
Axis motorMitsubishi(kw)7.0/7.0/7.0
Axis motorFanuc(kw)6.0/7.0/7.0
Cutting feed rateX/Y/Z Axis(mm/min)10-6,000
Rapid feed rateX/Y/Z Axis(m/min)10/12/12
(X/Y/Z Axis) Linear guideway 
Position accuracy (mm)±0.025
Repeatability (mm)±0.015
Cooling pump (hp)3/4
Air requirement (kg/cm2)6.5
Voltage requirement (kva)45
Machine Weight (kw)44
Exterior sizeL×W×H(mm)10,800*4,400*4,800

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